Only on Sundays we serve Paella, the traditional Sunday dish. Try a traditional Valencian Paella, with chicken and pork – the hugely popular Paella de Mariscos with giant prawns, mussels and squid, or perhaps our delicious veggie paella’s which are also 100% vegan friendly and gluten free. We also have a Paella Mixta (with a bit of everything) for those who can’t decide. All prices are per person.


Veggie-icon Paella de Verduras – £10.95

Meat-icon Paella de Valanciana (Chicken and Pork) – £11.95

seafood-icon Paella de Mariscos – £12.95

(Because our smallest paella pans are for two, the smallest paella we can offer is for two persons).

Full tapas menu is still available on Sundays!