More than small…

Part food, part culture.. A tapeo (a night of tapas) is about enjoying a drink, a bite and a conversation. We’re small and informal – but we’re packed with the atmosphere and authentic flavours of Spain.

You can visit us after work, bring the family for Sunday paella. Celebrate your birthday with us, or brighten up a rainy Wednesday – feel ready and we’re here. Come just for a cocktail if you like, but we’ll dare you to resist the delicious smells coming from our kitchen.

Informal, laid back and relaxed. That’s what makes our atmosphere unique… add in delicious tapas, fabulous wines, beers and sherries, and we’ve got some great times to enjoy. There’s a very good reason to say #discoversomething.

We can’t wait to serve Amigos.

Taste more than our food.

Our sherries, wines, beers and cocktails match up perfectly!


Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a tapas bar?

In Spain we’re the “local”… It’s very rare in Spain to consume an alcoholic drink without an accompanying nibble. That’s essentially what a tapa is – something delicious to pair with a drink. It’s not just that – but at its heart – tapas is food to enjoy socially with friends or family.

How many dishes should I order?

We find three or four of our tapas should satisfy most appetites.

How do you eat Tapas?

It’s all for sharing! Pick from the little terracotta bowls, with everyone selecting a mouthful at a time – it’s unusual for people to keep one dish all to themselves. If you prefer your own plate, just let our waiting team know and we’ll bring one over.

Do I have to order everything in one go?

You don’t have to order all in one – try one or two, and then maybe one or two more. Its better to order in stages than have a tapa go cold while you’re chatting.

100% Authentic, 7 days a week.

What’s with the tiny forks? Can I have a normal knife and fork?

Of course you can! We provide little “tapas forks” on the table. If you would prefer larger “normal” knives and forks, just let our waiting team know. Some of our tapas comes with full size cutlery too.

Can I order drinks at the bar?

Yes of course! We are not a fine dining style place, and when we’re really busy our waiting team concentrate on the food. If you can’t grab someone’s attention at those rare times, just come up to the bar.

Do we take table reservations?

Yes! You can email us, or call us (we check our voicemail every day), send us a message here – or reach us on facebook if that’s best for you. You don’t have to reserve though – with the possible exception of 7.3pm on Saturdays, wander over and we’ll fit you in somewhere.

Is it warm in the heated conservatory?

Absolutely – it’s lovely! We have a large oil fired heater and even in January our regulars request their favourite tables there. If you’re really worried, a jumper or cardigan gives a little more peace of mind, but more often than not, we’ll be serving you in a T shirt.

Where does tapas come from and when did it start?

There is always discussion around the beginning of tapas culture, but most agree the 18th century really saw tapas become a tradition in itself. We hear the word “tapas” everywhere in the UK now, your local pub might even offer a “tapas” menu, and we’ve seen it everywhere from high class restaurants to railway stations! But what really constitutes a tapa?

In Spanish tapa literally means “lid” or “top”. The verb form “tapar” means “to cover”. In days gone by, tavern owners might offer a little piece of bread, meat or cheese to cover a glass and protect your drink from the sun (or the flies).  Like so much of Spanish gastronomy, tapas is knitted to the culture and traditions of the Spanish people – and a tapa isn’t the size of a dish or even the recipe. It’s a part of the culture of Spanish drinking and socialising, and taking a little food with a drink is as naturally Spanish as an afternoon siesta or dancing flamenco.

A “tapeo” is an evening enjoying tapas with friends, and tapas may be a prelude to dinner, dinner itself, or a late night snack. There are as many ways to enjoy our food as there are tapas to discover; at Sol Y Luna we do everything we can to provide that cultural and gastronomic experience to our treasured guests. We’re obsessive about Spanish food, searching far and wide for Spanish exporters to purchase from. All of our cured meats and cheeses, many of our spices, our paella ingredients, and our crockery are all imported directly from Spain by us. If there’s a tapa you particularly liked when visiting Spain, be sure to let us know – we change our menus regularly and we love to hear from you!

Do we cater for allergies?

Absolutely! The majority of our menu is gluten and dairy free. We have a 5 star hygiene rating, and can cater for all intolerances and allergies. If you’re particularly worried give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions; in fact its a pleasure,